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pëpperIT partners with founders, entrepreneurs, owners and innovators to create hot performant and scalable solutions for the new digital age. We focus on the extended JavaScript ecosystem to build web apps, mobile apps, cloud services, and more. We bring world-class engineering talent to your project to add quality, speed and scalability. Our entrepreneurial spirit flows through everything we do, including a zealous focus on the end user experience. We pride ourselves on working with charging and challenging pioneers that aim to make life on our planet better.




Numax is a Cloud Based Logistics Platform used by the top logistics businesses in India




Waitwhile is a waitlisting and booking platform now used by Facebook, LinkedIn, IKEA, HP and more



National Taxi Services

After driving the technology of your neighbourhood taxis since the 1980's, NTS is now innovating for the next generation of taxi services


National Taxi Services



Product design and engineering for ambitious companies. Snowball delivers product strategy and product design from an experienced team. Our product engineering and growth marketing teams build and launches products. The combination of experience from software, media and physical products makes us different. Details matter.


Neoito specializes in creating Lightning Fast Web and Mobile Apps with delightful user experiences. With the right talent, anything is possible. We onboard the best talent and our entrepreneurial work culture makes sure that the we deliver the best products in the market for our customers.


Are you a pioneer with an engineering spirit that can stand the heat of staying out front? Are you a natural continuous learner, and a teacher to your family of teammates? Can you engineer zippy code? Our customers are smart, demanding and out driving in the fast lane. They want to change the world for the better. If you crave to work with some of the best talent in the industry to shave off milliseconds, build solutions for scalability and continuous feature deployment, and burst with engineering pride in the process, then let us know how fast you can join.

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